I LOVE FUR – 10 furry items ( I don’t care about PETA)

Look.  Even the Kai bug loves fur!

I love animals, but I look at it this “so-called” inhumane behavior like the circle of life.  Indian’s lived off of Buffalos for their hide.  Lions eat Zebras, last time I saw Madagascar.  Eskimos wear wolf skins as they are naturally protective of cold and snow.  I’d say if I had to guess, at least 75% of the world eats chicken or fish or some kind of meat.  I sure love a nice filet mignon, or meat lovers pizza.  That is what we call living off the land.  Then there’s those pushy vegetarians who want to make everyone else eat like them.  You know what I think about vegetarians?  They are lacking serious health nutrients that come from meat. Meat is what builds muscle, proteins.  You ever notice all those hippie vegetarians in those vegan spots are really, really skinny?

Watch Vegetarians from the other point of view: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKTsWjbjQ8E

So of course I disagree with animal cruelty, or killing animals in a cruel way.  I even saw an undercover story about a major dairy company and how foul the animals living conditions were.  The animals were covered in feces, and the ground they walked in was 12″ of muddy feces.  This saddened me.  Yes I’m still human just because I like fur.  But I’m sure that the animals are put to sleep painlessly, that they don’t cut their heads off when they are still alive.

I heard about US Vogue editor, Anna Wintour getting a raccoon thrown in her face while dining at the Four Seasons, by a PETA member.  That is just ridiculous.  I’d like to see some punk disrespect me while I’m eating lunch like that.  These PETA activists are out of control.  Try get out of control on somebody who’s willing to get down back.  They complain about the energy it takes to produce a fur.  It depends how you produce it, there are several ways.  And if you haven’t heard, it takes energy to produce ALL clothing.  Ah! the beauty of cheap manufacturing and globalization.  If they’re so high and mighty then why don’t they go spin some cotton that they grow naturally in their back yard with a spinning wheel to make homemade thread and knit their own clothing.  I’m sure they drive cars, or airplanes, or even use aerosol hairspray.  Besides, fur can last a life time.  Clothing, you throw away all the time, but fur can last forever if properly cared for.

BESIDES. . .  most furs are rodents such as chinchillas, squirrels  and rabbits and pests like foxes and beavers or plain predatorial animals like cougars, wolfs, bears, etc.  I’m pretty sure these PETA members don’t let rats live in their house.  This isn’t rattatouile.  I’m sure they have mouse traps and kill them and dispose of them like everybody else.  And anybody who keeps rats and mice for pets have personality disorders.  Why would you look at a squirrel any different from a common pest, the house rat.  They’re not cute house pets, they’re disease ridden creatures, and I’m sure if you tried to pet one they’d just bite you.  As for Wolfs and bears, come on, they’re regularly hunted, a tradition that has been going on since the beginning of time.  I do believe that animals should be preserved, if they are on the brink of extinction, but we already have laws in tact to protect endangered wildlife.  So who cares if they breed 1000’s of rodents?  It goes with the KFC rumor.  Supposedly they breed chickens in test tubes.  Who gives a damn?!  They create it, they make it, they own it.  Even if it was true, I LOVE KFC CHICKEN!!! THEY MAKE THE BEST CHICKEN EVER!!!

So I must confess something.  I’m Cruella D’ville.  If I could have a snow leopard coat, or a cheetah coat, or even a white tiger fur, I’D DIE FOR ONE!  SUE ME!!!!

1. Marc Jacobs Fur Jacket
Available @ Neiman Marcus

2. Rabbit Fur Bomber
Available at Cabelas

3. Norko Knit Rex Rabbit Fur Throw
Available at fursource.com

4. Christian Louboutin Toundra Booty Fur
Available at Neiman Marcus

5. Tibetland pillow
Available at chichesterinc.com

6. Chanel Tweed Fur Bag
Available at barbiehandbags.com

7. Women’s RM by Roland Mouret Scarne Fur Gloves
Available at Bergdorf Goodman

8. Catherine Malendrino Fox Fur Vest
Available at Neiman Marcus

9. John Paul Gaultier (2008)
He may have gotten a lot of negative criticism from animal rights activists for using pelts and animal headwear in his 2008 Autumn/Winter line, he’s Gaultier, he can do whatever he wants!

10. Russian Beaver Blankets and Pillows
This cool array is a personal collection of a Russian Beaver hunter.  Beaver fur is a huge industry in Russia, Turkey and Greece.

12 thoughts on “I LOVE FUR – 10 furry items ( I don’t care about PETA)

    THE END.

  2. Cool blog, I love natural fibres such as fur, wool and silk.
    But I have to say this… Ratties make great pets! They come when you call them, love snuggles and can be taught some pretty cool tricks.

  3. Because you don’t seem to really know the facts I’ll tell you..its not PETA you should be caring about ..its the animals. Animals used for fur products for humans live in deplorable conditions..they are NOT put to sleep…Im shocked that you are that misinformed and still are so vocal with incorrect information. Actually they are beaten or stomped to death or shocked or worse..and usually skinned alive and left to die..however long that takes. Also you seem to think that they are all rodents..as if that should matter..they are usually dogs and cats skinned and shipped from asia..and labeled as whatever exotic skin your willing to pay for.. By all means if you feel comfortable with that then great.. but don’t go around in a fog of denial and false pretense thinking that these animals are raised humanly and “put to sleep” when its time to harvest their pelts for humans.

    Please do not compare the fur industry today with anything in history. American Indians used the entire buffalo but didn’t take the skin first. They also didn’t capture, cage and mistreat the animals. They had great reverence for the buffalo and used the animal for survival. Humans that can afford to buy another animals skin in the present day..really have no need of it since obviously they can afford heat and shelter. Probably you should read at least some history so you can have well formed opinions instead of making up facts for how you want to rationalize your behavior and choices.

    1. CONSUMERISM. Not everything we do is good for us, the environment, the economy, or even humane. I’m pretty sure almost everybody in America drives a car, or catches a bus, or even worse, has ridden on an airplane. That is the worst for the environment! We all are addicted to oil, which puts us in this economically poor financial situation. Some people eat red food coloring and preservatives or flavorings such as MSG which are horribly bad for your health and cancer causing. We continue to use TVs and cell phones, and other EMT cancer causing electronics. In China people eat cats and dogs and cats. What makes it different from a cow or fish or chicken or even lamb? Speaking of animals, I love me a good fois grois. I don’t hate animals, and I think being cruel to animals sucks, but wearing fur is just consumerism love. These stupid PETA fuckers need to go after the root of the problem, the manufacturing companies torturing the animals, not the consumers. I’m not sure about animal cruelty laws but if they are not being followed, then they should be investigated thoroughly and punished.

    2. I’m sure buffaloes didn’t go extinct because of fashion :))

      P.S. if the animals bread for fur were living in bad conditions…the quality of the product wouldn’t be that good. 🙂

      P.P.S: people must admit that the human being is the biggest and the baddest predator of all time….if that weren’t true…we would have become extinct many millennia ago …

      1. We are talking about 2 different things now. Endangered animals, and fur. Not that I wouldn’t die for a white tiger fucr! Still… I also believe that there’s a reason for large animals such as leopards, tigers or elephants being limited. What if there were 1,000,000 elephants. I’m not a scientist, but I come to the conclusion that there would be an overpopulation and imbalance in nature and not enough food.
        As for living conditions, I agree. I previously wrote that high quality furs must come from healthy animals. However there are some very poorly run and inhumane companies in China. Check out my other blog “a revisit on my I Love Fur blog.” I have a few videos of animals struggling being skinned alive. Very disturbing!
        But I also agree, there are predators, and there are things at the bottom of the chain. And that is life.

  4. Here is something that I was looking for. Humane techniques exist.

    “Humane Euthanasia
    FARMERS ARE RESPONSIBLE for their animals’ care from birth to death. While standards of animal care and farm management are developed over years of work by experts, including farmers and veterinarians, when it comes to euthanasia, farmers adhere strictly to recommendations of the American Veterinary Medical Association.

    Such standards of practice are outlined in the 2007 AVMA Guidelines on Euthanasia and are under continuing review.
    Farmers and veterinarians look to this AVMA report as the key document on this issue, and such practices fall under the jurisdiction of the state departments of agricuture’s humane officers who are tasked with enforcing state anti-cruelty statutes.

    FCUSA, representing mink farmers in 28 states, opposes any legislation, at the state or federal level, which undermines the validity and strength of the AVMA’s work developing guidelines for their veterinarians and others in the field.

    In accordance with the recommendations of the AVMA, the only method of euthanasia approved for mink by FCUSA is controlled atmosphere euthanasia using bottled gas, either pure carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide.

    When harvest time comes around, a mobile unit is brought to the animals’ cages to eliminate stress that might be caused by transporting them long distances. This mobile unit includes a specially designed airtight container which has been prefilled with cool gas. The animals are placed inside and immediately rendered unconscious, dying quickly and humanely.”

    As any pet owner knows, the condition of the fur is one of the clearest indications of whether an animal is healthy and well cared-for. Since the livelihood of the professional fur farmer depends upon producing top-quality fur, if for no other reason, the welfare of his animals is of prime importance.

    I agree a lot of that bad stuff happens in China, and illegally here in the US, just because I like fur doesn’t make me that person who tortured the animal.

    Do you own diamonds? Do you know if they’re African or Russian?
    Have you ever owned a pair of Nikes? Do you know if a 8 year old made them for 50 cents?
    Do you own a T Shirt that says MADE IN CHINA? I’m pretty sure the manufacturing company in China is polluting the ocean right now?
    Have you ever ate a hamburger?

    I’ll tell the whole world my opinions on MY BLOG if I damn well want to. Because opinions are all they are, biased or unbiased, educated or uneducated, I’m not writing a damn scholarly journal. My point of my blog was that I LOVE FUR. And that I think PETA is LAME. And that killing animals is ok. I didn’t say torture them and electrocute them up their asses and skin them alive. SO I don’t know why you feel the need to try to educate me on shit I already know. Yeah they gotta skin them, to get the fur. It sucks, but oh well.

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