My negative review on attending International Academy of Design and Technology in Las Vegas.

I would not recomment this school, as a matter of fact, I am considering transferring to Academy of Arts in San Francisco, probably one of the best fashion schools on the West coast.  I am an A/B student.  And 2 B’s I have I didn’t deserve.  I should have straight A’s and two B’s.  You read my situation, and you tell me your personal opinion.  I promise I won’t bite. 

This is a letter I sent to my program chair at school.
I have had a few problems with some of my teachers here.
Sorry it is soooo long
A) Shane Johnson.  In my Fashion Sketching I class we went over our final grade and I was told I would recieve and A if I got an A on my final, which I got a 95.%.  Perhaps he had erased some participation points for being absent which may have lowered me to a B, but I was in Hawaii for a court trial I could not avoid. 
In Fashion Sketching II there was an exceptionally talented student and other students, including I, who felt we were constantly being compared to her.  I feel like a grade curve was based off of her work making it harder to attain an A. He constantly had his favorites and although he claims this was not the case, several students would agree with me.  I feel some students are more exceptionally gifted than others and that grading for art classes should be broken down. IE: use of color 20%, use of pattern/textures 20%, Highlight/lowlights 20%, Proportion 20%, 10% Creativity/Design, 5% Overall presentation, and 5% Neatness.  This shows you understand the concepts and techniques involved in making a croquis, and say if you are not an exceptionally gifted artist, if the teacher decides it isn’t “good enough” 5% will not wreck your grade.  And we will understand how we got our grade, versus a teacher looking a piece of art and just saying, this looks like a 70%.  Breakdown of grades makes it more fair. 
Also, I have never used guache before.  He told us to paint assuming I had already known how to do it.  I have never used guache in my life.  So after I had to tell him we needed instruction, he was like “don’t make me do the guache presentation.”  I was like yeah, I need it, I’ve never worked with guache before.   I mean I’m here to learn about art, I’m not suppose to just do it on my own.  If I was going to just do art on my own without any instruction then I wouldn’t pay to go to a school to learn nothing.  I have never drawn a croquis using the 9 heads/boxes technique.  Since they changed the syllabus, I missed the croquis section in sketching I and only did flats.  So my sketching II was mostly review of sketching I, reviewing flats.  When it was time to do croquis, he didnt’ want to teach us how to do the boxes.  He assumed everyone had already learned it.  I wasn’t the only one who didn’t, 2 other students didn’t as well.   But to assume I had already known it was absurd, and he should have been teaching it regardless of if we know it or not.  I feel that what we are learning, and what we should be learning are not matching up.  I would like to learn more about art.  I’ve had beginner art classes in the past, but say somebody who hasn’t, will be completely lost.  I have drawn spheres with shadows, thus teaching us the theory of highlights and lowlights.  Some students need that simple exercise just to understand.  I was never taught how to use prisma markers or how to use light and dark.  I feel the teachers just kind of throw us into it and assume we understand it.  I’ve done a lot of my research on my own, or learned from other students.  I like Shane as a person, but he is a horrible teacher, and I feel what is taught needs structure and needs to be congruent with other teachers.
Overall what upset me the most is that I had the stomache flu for an entire week.  I emailed him that I was very ill and he emailed me that 3 croquis were due that week, and the final (6) the following week.  When I came to class the following week, I was the only student with my 3 croquis.  Shane said all 9 croquis were due that day, and that he was accepting no later work.  I told him that I had the 3 he emailed me to do, he told me the wrong info, and that I should get to turn it in next week. He said no, that won’t be acceptable, and I finished 2 more croquis during class and turned in 5/9 for a 70%, a C.  The other 2 girls who only had a few croquis brought in their assignments the following week and got A’s.  This really upset me, as it was his fault he emailed me the wrong information.  He is constantly changing his mind and making up the rules as we go.  And he told me he will not accept late work.  Then they got A’s on their late work.  That was completely unfair!  I had a high B that would have been a low A.  I find it very unfair.
B) Mr Nixon.  Last term I had him in Politics.  It was a very large, energetic, and outspoken class. Politics is a sensitive subject and everyone has something to say about it.  I saw he was frustrated with not being able to control the class.  He yells at students a lot, and threatens to minus 2 points off our grade every time we leave the classroom, even if its to use the bathroom, or take a phone call, or get a drink or something.  He sees us on the phone, or if someone disrupts the class he is minusing two points constantly.  This isn’t elementary school.  I don’t feel I need to ask permission to use the bathroom, or leave the room to answer a phone call from my bank, or even simple as go to get a bottle of water because I am thirsty.  I pay for my education, I am paying for these teacher’s salaries, and if I want to get a drink or use the bathroom, it shouldn’t affect my grade, or feel like we are breaking some kind of rules.  This is ridiculous and I can’t believe I am being subjected to this scrutiny just because a teacher has a control issue.   
One time I was helping my boyfriend, who didn’t speak english well, with a definition we were discussing.  Mr Nixon immediately yelled at me and told me minus 2 participation points.  We weren’t being disruptive or distracting.  We were following the lecture.  Another time we were suppose to write down ideas, and we had one pen so we were sharing.  Mr Nixon felt the need to stop class to yell at him for not writing stuff down.  We were doing the work, but instead of evaluating the situation, not only is he quick to judge and quick to snap, he disrupts the learning process to “scold” students as if we are children.
I got a C in his class, I did very well A/Bs on all quizes and projects.  I believe I did poorly on the last test which I didn’t recieve a score for yet, which is why I asked him to print me out a print out of a breakdown of my grade.  Then he blurted out in front of the class that I almost failed the last test.  So I asked him why are we discussing my grades in front of the class.  Then he asked to speak to me in the hallway and tried to discuss and argue about my participation points.  I told him I don’t want to discuss it I just want to see a breakdown for myself to analyze.  He insisted I listened to him, and when I did he didn’t have anything relevant to say, so I told him he needed to chill out and stop yelling at me, because he was getting upset.  He didn’t, so I told him that this conversation was done and that I want a print out of my grade.  There’s nothing to discuss.  I was absent once for my daughter being sick, then one week for me having severe stomach flu.  He told me if I missed my presentation that I”d get an F, so I came in to do the presentation even though I was severely sick.  In the bathroom every 10 minutes.  And had a child at home throwing up every 5 minutes.  He demanded a drs note.  I don’t have medical, and I toughed it out.  Besides with stomach flu, there’s not much a dr can do. I’m not going to pay $150 to go to a dr, money that I don’t have.  Another time I was in Hawaii for more court cases.  He demanded a court paper, confidential documents I didn’t feel comfortable sharing with him.  Everytime I miss class, it’s minus participation points.  And The class as a whole was out of control, I don’t feel it was fair for him to blame certain students.  One time the whole class was talking, and he turned around and yelled at a certain student (he has certain students he likes to blame.) And yelled at her for talking, which was funny because she wasn’t even talking, when the rest of the class was.  I feel he is frustrated with not having control of the class, but blaming specific students and dropping our grades is wrong and unfair.  As a matter of fact, the 3 students he blame the most are all in his same class this term, and we have no problems in this class.  I feel it was the class as a whole and should be addressed accordingly.
C) Miss King is rude, and has a bad attitude towards students, several students have gotten in arguments with her.  Several students dislike her bad attitude, but don’t speak out against her.  Several time she has nagged me without even evaluating the situation.  She started yelling at me, when I wasn’t even talking.  I don’t think anyone was.  Another time she yelled at me to get off the computer.  I wasn’t even on the computer.  I had a headache and just wasn’t really paying attention to her lecture which I learned by myself by reading chapter 1.  Whether or not if I am applying myself, or listening to her lecture, which she screams the whole time and is annoying and the reason for my migraines, I pay to go to school here, and I am an A/B student, and currently hold an A in her class as well, and it is up to me to apply myself, which I think I do well.  I don’t need a teacher yelling at me for stupid things she doesn’t properly evaluate.  One time she even said she was going to make us put our heads down on the table.  This is ludicrous.  I don’t pay this kind of money to be talked to like a 5 year old.  She says she use to teach elementary school.  Maybe that’s where she should teach because she obviously has a huge personality disorder. 
In a discussion we were having, she asked if some of us were efficient enough to do a specific task.  I feel confident, and said yes, I do.  As it turns out, I am efficient enough to do research, and write essays.  As a matter of fact, I write a blog, and this letter is going in it.  This all requires ample logic, researching skills and writing.  I am currently also writing a book.  She got upset, and told me to go to the deans office and drop the class.  I mean, regardless of if I find a class informative or useful or not, I still need to take it as a requirement to graduate.  So, I confronted her, and asked her why she is putting me on the spot, and trying to make everyone in the class feel like they’re incompetent to do the things we are learning about.  I do feel confident, and I don’t need you putting me on the spot in front of the class and giving me attitude about it.  To be honest, I feel like Information Literacy is a complete joke.  I feel it can be informative to some students.  But I honestly feel like it has been a waste of my time and money.  And with her bad attitude everytime I come to class, it makes it harder to learn when the teacher is being rude to the students constantly and yelling the whole time.
This has lead me to the dilemma of deciding if I want to continue education at this school, or if I would recommend the school to others as well.  I pay a lot of money to attend this school.  I don’t pay that kind of money to be disrespected by teachers, or get grades I don’t deserve. 
Kristie Manning

20 thoughts on “My negative review on attending International Academy of Design and Technology in Las Vegas.

  1. kristie.

    they may be teaching because they can’t hack it in the real world. from your perspective it sounds like they are incompetent. what a shame. i hope you sent this information to the dean. but as far as your future in this field, i don’t imagine that your degree will get you a job anyways. it’s more like “show me what you’ve got..”

    anyways. don’t take their crap. be strong like you are.


  2. Yeah most of the teachers are failed artists thats what we think. I have to say that some of my friends and myself like most of the fashion program teachers. They’re great! But a lot of the gen-ed, and a few of the fashion teachers have no idea what they’re doing. That was my letter to my program chair. It actually does matter if your portfolio doesn’t compare to someone at a better school. In reality they are learning more and it will be better. I have a course book for Academy of Arts already. My plan was to transfer there, and now if I am unable to transfer credits, I’m going to be very upset I wasted $20k. Fashion IS a competitive industry, and if you graduated from parsons or IADT I Think they’re gonna take the Parsons candidate. IADT is a worthless degree, because they don’t teach you anything worth while. I went to the graduation fashion show last term because my bf graduated, and the show SUCKED. At graduation level, I’d hope to see something good.

  3. On top of it they have these bs classes that cost $2500 each just to waste credits called college success and information literacy. Total CRAP! All we do is talk about making friends, budgeting our expenses, managing our time, researching, and having logic. It’s really REALLY lame. AND a total waste, an the teachers try to make you feel incompetent, and that you need the class to get thru college. No thanx, I’m pretty sure I can write a college level essay, which they don’t even expect from us, because everybody else is on a 8th grade writing level.

  4. Hello Kristie!
    I was looking at some of the reviews for the Academy of Arts University and stumbled with your review.
    I’m really curious about this University, and was hoping to see if I could get some feedback/review. You mentioned you were going to transfer to AAU, and am curious how it’s going. I’m really interested on applying for AAU, but am worried as I’ve seen really mixed opinions (I’m an international student, applying for undergrad) and wish to know if AAU is worth a shot. I’m planning to pursue a carrier in Fashion Design [and hopefully, take some merchandising/management in the future]

    PS: I hope everything is better for you! I had once considered taking a look at IADT, but I hadn’t known anything about it… I guess it’s a nono in my list now!

    1. I IADT is a horrible school! I’m in my second week of aau n I am loving the classes. The curriculum is so enriched. I think fin aid and my adviser could have don’t a better job at getting me signed up on time, not the first day of school. N be sure to get ur supplies way ahead of time. I didn’t n am having difficulties w some of the work because I haven’t had my books yet.

  5. ATTENTION! Do not waste your money and time going to this school. I am a current student at IADT Las Vegas but I soon will be transferring to The Art Institute. As I started out at this school, things seem to be going fine and it seemed like I made a good choice of choosing a school. Unfortunately I did not make a good choice and I fully regret wasting my time and money attending this unprofessional school. Before I continue my review, I will fully admit it was my fault for not doing any research and for rushing into starting my education. If I would have done my research and visited other schools, trust me I would have never attended IADT. The staff all walk and act as if the school is a mortuary, ever since they started there Audio Program the school got ghetto. Students were stealing equipment; students were fighting on school premises. They finally hired “security guards” to walk around and do nothing all day. I will start off with the very first time I had seen this school. I went in to get a “tour” of the school and to check out their Interior Design program. An admission representative that instantly brought me back to her office to discuss the school approached me. I never received a tour; I was not even offered to take a tour. As we sat in her office and discussed the school, she even tried to get my boyfriend to sign up. I was at uneasy the whole time, I felt pressured into signing my life away, which I did. As I mention earlier I fully regret doing this, I was in such a hurry to just start my education. When I started out in this school in June 2009, IADT had a logo; I believe in January 2011 they lost their logo due to an art school in San Francisco having a similar logo. I do not know the full and accurate story, but I do know that IADT does not have a logo at all. Since then all students had to re-take their photos for new ID’s, which we had taken in January and till this day none of the students have received their new ID’s. All the good teachers have either left or had been fired due to student-instructor conflicts. A year into my education with this school, they pulled me aside and told me my high school diploma was basically a fake. In their case they were wrong, they told me since it was “fake” I had two options. First option was to drop school and all I had to pay back was the books I had already purchased. Second option was to stay in school, and re-take my English and Math proficiency test and start off where I left off. This was such a disappointment since I knew my high school diploma was legit, and because it has been already a year to my schooling and now IADT has discovered this “problem”. Even when I had the manager of student service confront me and tell me this, she seemed like she didn’t care about me (the student). Unsatisfied and disappointed I confronted the President of IADT. He basically repeated everything the manager of student service told me, which was no help. Since he knew the “professionals” at IADT made a mistake by not being on top of their “business” he offered me a part time job. I was so stressed out and disappointed about the whole situation, I did not know what to do. The very next day I was rushed to the hospital due to an ovarian cyst popping due to stress which was caused by my dilemma with IADT. Into that day, I was contacted by the president and informed that they were wrong and I was right, my diploma was fine. Amazing isn’t it? All that unnecessary stress and pain and don’t forget the hospital visit, for nothing. One disappointment after another, I started to come to my sense and realize how unprofessional and unorganized this school really was. As I mentioned before the president offered me a part time job for the scuffle. This was in October 2010 when I was informed about the job. November was when I actually got the part time job and was suppose to start the paper work. It was not till December when I officially finished my paper work, and the only reason why it was taking so long was because the woman who was in charge of my paper work could not send me all the confirmation papers to my email because she had my school email address wrong the whole time. Which we discovered together when I went to go see her in person since this was taking way to long. WOW. January 2011 was my first time actually working, three months later! Till this day I had only worked three days and today’s date is March 14th 2011. I never got a set schedule, I never got an employee badge, if I wanted to work or find out when they needed me, I had to email my instructor. I was told I would work 20 hours each week, which was a lie, I was told personally by the Chairmen of the program that I would work for him a few times, which was also a complete lie. So since nothing was changing and I was not taken serious, I stopped contacting my instructor for work since it was inconvenient and simply unnecessary. I was promised all these things that I never received which once again disappointed me, especially since the president himself had offered me this job for their mistake. So right after that disappointment, I took a class with the Chairmen of Interior Design. This was my very first class with this guy; I did not know what I was in for. Throughout the term he made it seemed as if I was on the right path for a good grade in his class. I always strive to get an A in every class and to do my very best. Our final project comes about, we all had to present out models and discuss our project. That very same day, right after I presented my project I took IADT class/instructor survey. I was 100% honest and reported how he was obnoxious and unprofessional when he would get into conflicts with the other students in the class. How he asked for WAY too much from the students when he himself did not even bring half the passion into his teachings. As I mention before, this was an “anonymous” survey, which is reviewed by the chairmen’s of each program and the instructor. Since he was already the chairmen and the instructor he got to access the survey and most likely unrevealed who had taken it. I know for a fact he had taken that survey to heart, got sensitive and graded my project off my survey. I basically failed that class, receiving a D for my overall grade for the class. Which was totally unfair and inaccurate, I know for a fact I would have received the proper grade for my project, but since I was honest in my survey he gave me a D. He knew he could not fail me since I was in class everyday, on time and I always did my work. So since he could not fail me, he still wanted to get even and give me a D. I was in disgust when I found out about my grade; I contacted him and asked him why I had received such a low grade. He gave me a bucket of bullshit and told me I basically did not do well enough. I knew it was all due to that damn survey, which made me even more disgusted. Out of the blue I was contacted by the Director of Education of IADT, she sat me in her office; discussed what was the problem and that was all. She only offered me a proposition where I could have gotten my project re- graded by a different instructor. I simply told her I did not care that much about the grade, it was the fact that he graded me off my survey because he got hurt. It was unprofessional, uncalled for and totally unfair. Oh by the way, the so called director of education also told me herself that grades and GPA’s did not matter at all when graduating and pursing your career. HA! What a joke, she only said that because I had told her I never strive to get low grades and that I took my education very serious, and her responses was that. What a joke this school turned out to be, especially after that incident. Soon after that I once again got closer to realize how unprofessional this school was. I was supposed to have a grade change in January 2011, and till this day my grade for a specific class has not changed. I contacted the Registrar, she replied as if she cared and knew what she was speaking of, which she didn’t. I had to contact the instructor who was responsible for the grade change, she told me she had already filled the forms out for my grade change and she herself did not know why it was taking so long. What a mess, things never got done properly and things were never done on time. I got fed up, decided to take a tour of the Art Institute of Las Vegas and I fell in love. I got an actual tour of the school, which was beautiful and I got to actually ask questions. I am so glad that I will be soon transferring to an exceptional school. After all was done, and I decided that I was transferring to AI. I decided to contact the President of IADT once again and let him know what has been happening and how I was transferring. I knew I would not get a reasonable response since he failed to do so in the past, but I just wanted him to be aware of what has been happening in his school. In responses to my email I only simply received this:

    Sorry to hear you have decided to leave us. I’ll check with Trampas and Jazmin on these and see if we can get it corrected.


    As I mentioned many times before, I am so glad I will be transferring over to AI. What a nightmare I had with this so-called college. It felt like high school half the time with all these so-called professionals walking around as if they cared. No one cared from the beginning and no one will start to care, as long as they get paid they will be humble. If I had to rate my overall experience at this school from 1 through 10 I honestly would give it a 2. This school is a school for introverts, I promise if you were to go to IADT and ask a student who is currently attending, why they go to that school; they would either give you two answers: “I did not do my research, I just saw this school on a commercial and decided to come” OR “ I wanted to go to a school with small classes, I did not want to get lost or see a lot of people” maybe if you are lucky you will be the combination of both answers. Why would you want to go to a school that lost their logo to another school, it just shows you how lame this school is. I can go on and on about how my experience at IADT Las Vegas was distasteful, but I rather cut it short now. I simply wanted to discuss my mishap and prevent future students to going through what I went through. I seriously and highly recommend everyone to do their research before entering any school, make sure they give you a tour and ask many questions. Thank you for taking the time in reading my review, I know it was a long review but it was all in honestly of helping others. GOOD LUCK, AND REMEMBER TO DO YOUR RESEARCH AND TAKE TOURS AND ASK QUESTIONS!

  6. Seems like they can’t make it in a privately run technical school and they won’t make it in the real world either. Its always somebody else’s fault they fail. The me me generation of dummies. And to think, this generation will inherit the Earth one day. Oye vay…

    I have a kid going to this school. I don’t see the problems listed above. Great campus, great instructors, how could you NOT know that this private, technical school is NOT accredited with your state? Most aren’t. You should have gone to your community college for that. And if you paid all that money to attend this school and didn’t realize it, well, there ya go, no wonder why you are finding so many faults!

    1. You’re throwing away your money if they are going to IADT. I gave it a 2 year chance and changed to Academy Arts University. It was my first school experience so I was naive. I explicitly told them my plans to transfer to Academy of Arts and they quickly rushed me through getting signed up then after they got my money, didn’t help much. The teachers suck. The curriculum sucks. I use to go to school drunk and still get A’s. It’s not challenging.
      Check out the Academy of Arts University. I struggled to get B’s last term. And I was a 4.0 student at IADT without even trying. IADT has the most graduate rates because it’s easy. They have it set up so a big percentage of your grade is on participation and quizzes (you get a’s for trying) so if you just show up you’ll at least get a C. Everyone passes if they TRY. Most people in the fashion world will frown upon IADT. Academy of Arts is the only fashion school which invites the students to Fashion Week. They have a higher drop out rate because the first few years the teachers are especially hard on them so only the serious students stay.
      Lady.. you’re a fuckin moron if your kid is going there. Look into the Academy it’s all online or they can go campus. I have better classes online than at IADT. I’m actually LEARNING with intelligent people. The classes at IADT were so disruptive and the kids were all stupid. I want to be around students who encourage learning and can have an intelligent conversation on the topic we are discussing. IADT was a bunch of African American kids who think Baby Phat is fashion, Beyonce is a designer, and Lady Gaga is their inspiration. To each their own. There were a few talented students, but we’ve talked about it and most of them have transferred out.

  7. considering you are a stripper its no wonder you hated school. It could have been any school, it was unfortunate you are on the net giving IADT a bad review. You would have hated any school and given it a bad review. Well, stripping and pole dance school is where you excelled, any positive reviews of those anywhere? HA HA!!

  8. Apart from your snidey stripper comments. You don’t know anything about me. I was a stripper in Vegas and could make $5000 a night at times. You’re a moron. That doesn’t make me incompetent. I know girls with Masters Degrees who still dance at Rhino. Annette, you’re probably 45, single and went to Farrington Highschool and make $30k a year.

    1. No, I am not making 30K a year, I am in my 40’s and have aleady retired from work. Invested wisely. I know two kids who went through IADT. One works for Cirque costume dept here in Vegas and another works audio at the Rio. So, they didn’t have the same negatory experience you did. Perhaps its just your personality and not wanting to put in any more effort than you have to. Go back to stripping. LOL

    2. Yes, girls like you, masters degree and stripping and can’t fight their way out of a paper bag. Typical of what Vegas attracts and the anger at their fate in life. Make sure you tell your kids (if you ever have any) to be proud Mama was a stripper. Hey, they could bring in a video of you for show and tell at school when the time comes. God Bless, be good, choose a more respectful career, bad school, good school, whatever.

      1. I don’t have a Masters. I’m still in school. Have been for 3 years now. And yes, I have a daughter. I’m not angry at MY CHOICES that I MADE. I’m angry at judgmental people who don’t know me trying to tell me what to do with my life. And why would I tell my daughter that I was a stripper? How inappropriate is that? I’m not sorry I used stripping as a way to save money, get out and leverage to get on with my life. Some people get stuck in it forever. You’re a cunt annette and your husband cheats on you. And your daughter gets gang banged in cars. Fuck off.

    3. I am 40, retired military and married for 15 years with children. Hopefully, you will be blessed the same way. Respect yourself.

      1. Oh you’re in the military? LOL! Even better! If you read my blogs, you’ll see how much I despise judgemental people and it’s people like you I avoid. Why don’t you read my newest blog I posted this morning. FYI. I quit dancing. I’m a personal trainer and nutritionist ( I have my own business ) and I am a sales executive for a nutrition and beauty company as well as write this blog, RUN a stripper company (yes I don’t dance anymore, I manage them now and give them wise guidance that I wish I had). They’re not stupid, they’re not ignorant. They just need guidance. And it’s dumb people like you in this world who I don’t have time for. Military? So you served a bullshit job for a bullshit country for a super low salary? I know how much people in the military make. They’re sell outs. I despise the military just like you probably despise strippers. Yes, I have military friends, but I DON’T JUDGE THEM. So fuck you mam with all respect and get off my page.

      2. Very angry lady, and angry at her country. And you got
        a long life to live with that bad attitude. God help whoever comes your way. God Bless.

      3. I’m not an angry person. I just have no problem telling dumb people to fuck off. I could easily erase your comments and not post them, but I’m interested in what you say, and interested in showing the world what an ignorant person you are. Yeah fuck the president, fuck politics, fuck the economy, fuck the military. It’s a bunch of greedy people abusing their power. I love the US I hate what the leaders do with it. Peace!

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