Good Sake Picks . . .

Wakatake Onikoroshi Daiginjo

Super premium sake. Flavorful, beautifully round and alluring with a silky texture. Deep taste and slight sweetness stemming from elegant, fruity aroma and superb acidity. I taste hints of chocolate in it. ;D   This is one of my favorite sakes.  I always order it at Raku.

Hakkaisan Tokubetsu Junmai

Hakkaisan is a very high quality sake made in Nigata prefecture, Japan. The brewery is located in snow country and the water used for brewing sake is spring water that is filtered by the rocks. The purity of this super soft water is what gives Hakkaison Sake its very special clean smooth taste and flavor. This Takubetsu Junmai is very smooth and a little dry. The nose is lightly sweet and delicate. The palate is soft with nice mellow melon and fruit notes. A great beginner sake. Light, lightly-sweet, easy, pretty, and well-priced.

Moonstone Coconut Lemongrass Flavored Sake

Infused Nigori Genshu sake (shake well)

Tasting Notes: Rich aroma of creamy coconut and crisp lemongrass envelope your senses.  Distinct flavors of namesake ingredients, Coconut Lemongrass expands the sense with hings of bubblegum, anise and citrus.  Finishes clean and fruity.

Pairing Notes:Excellent match for spicy cuisine like Thai or Latin dishes, and a wonderful match for Polynesian dishes as well.  Consider Coconut Lemongrass with fresh fruit and crisp tropical salads.

Milling: Rice milled to 60%

Filtration: Roughly filtered for creamy finish

Sake Meter Value: SMV 12

Alcohol Content: 18%



Kristie Manning

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