They want to make us pay for the internet?

The internet is just like the universe.  Breathing has always been free.  Existing has always been free.  The internet has always been free as long as I can remember.  Over 6.8 billion people use the internet worldwide.   Thats over a 448% growth in the last year.   There are over 27 million buyers online.  It’s home to millions of businesses, and has generated billions of dollars.  The government has been working on passing a bill to make us pay for internet.  That would drastically ruin businesses.  No more blogs.  No more Myspace.  No more Facebook.  No more Twitter.  No more free promotion. No more easily researching for that difficult term paper you are doing on the pollution created by textile companies in china for your fashion class.  How simple is it to google all the answers we need and are looking for?  How can that enrich our daily lives, and educate us?  What if tomorrow we had to start paying for internet?   Save the internet.  Breathe for free.

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3 thoughts on “They want to make us pay for the internet?

  1. yeah… fuck the goverment… they are the biggest thieves in the world and now they wannna take over the internet!! hell no! If that happens I’ll create a revolutonary army of hacker! believe me.

  2. Begging your pardon but internet access has never been free. It costs money to access it. Your ISP is able to restrict which sites you see. Yet I agree with you that Governments should keep their filthy hands of the internet. Censorship is wrong.

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